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I'm proud to have the support of the community in my run for WDMCS school board.  

Liz is a thoughtful, articulate, professional, energetic, collaborative leader in our vibrant community who I am pleased to endorse and support as a very capable candidate for the West Des Moines Community School Board. — Jim Aipperspach

I have known Liz Cox and her family for 16 years : as a parent of 3 wonderful kids , a friend and a team leader who helped me with the start of the First "Fine Arts Day " at Jordan Creek Elementary . It was a wonderful experience to see the kids engaged in arts and culture. Liz was able to work closely with school administrators, teachers and community organizations to develop this wonderful experience largely funded by community grants. She is a natural leader and advocate for youth inside and out of the classroom - valueing arts, athletics (coaching soccer), academics and activities for every student. Knowing Liz, I know she will do her "very best" ! I enthusiastically support her candidacy for WDMCS school board. — Hilde DeBruyne

Knowling Liz both personally and professionally over the last 10 years has been a fun and enlightening experience. I first met her as a coach of her son's sports teams. She came to all his games and was an example for parent involvement in extra curricular activities. I then began to work with her to help families with elementary aged children overcome challenges to success in and become more self-sufficient. Liz brought a tender and engaging presence to the parent or guardian that enabled us to find common ground and build a plan that ensured success for the student and family. She again was an example, but this time for professionals who deal with students and families that need a little extra help to be successful. I would highly recommend a vote for Liz Cox for School Board!  - Jim Perlowski, School Social Worker — Jim Perlowski

The West Des Moines Education Association interview committee carefully reviewed answers from the School Board community forum, personal questionnaire, and candidate interviews with thoughtful evaluation of personal strengths and characteristics that each candidate could bring to the Board.

The West Des Moines Education Association recommends
Liz Cox in 2015. 


— West Des Moines Education Association

Honored to have again received the endorsement of the West Des Moines Education Association in 2019.

"So pleased to let you know that WDMEA enthusiastically endorses you for school board. We feel as though you strongly support teachers and understand the importance of union matters!"

— West Des Moines Education Association

As a member of the panel investigating candidates for the upcoming school board elections, I have been impressed by Liz Cox's lengthy participation in, and success supporting a variety of community organizations. Her long history of civic-minded work; her business background in the private sector, and her positive attitude toward fundamental local control over education with accountability to tax-payers, not to mention my experience with her over the past several years in The Rotary Club of Des Moines A.M., are all indicative of her qualifications for her election as a West Des Moines School Board member. 

Kevin McLaughlin
Former Chairman, Polk County GOP 2010-12 — Kevin McLaughlin

We are happy to endorse Liz Cox for West Des Moines School Board. As a mother of three, Liz has experienced the district from a parent's perspective at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Liz has shown her commitment to the district through tireless service on several boards that support the children of our community. We have also had the privilege to see first hand Liz's commitment to collaboration with local leaders and her contagious enthusiasm for the kids of the state of Iowa. Join us in supporting Liz Cox for West Des Moines School Board. — Troy & Kayrin Vincent

I am pleased to support Liz Cox as a candidate for the West Des Moines Community School District Board of Directors. Liz is an outstanding member of our community. She is well-grounded with tremendous skills and talents. I have worked with Liz on several issues involving children and families. She has great passion in helping to make a positive difference for them. I am confident that her work as a board member will help keep the focus on what is best for the students in our schools. She is a collaborative leader and will be a very effective member of the Board of Directors. — Tom Narak

I have served with Liz on the Executive Board for the Mid Iowa Council of the Boy Scouts for several years. I know Liz to be a committed, insightful, and creative force. These skills, along with her ability to listen and respond to others, make her ideally suited to serve as a West Des Moines School Board member. She will do a great job for all the students of our city. — Jim Wissler

I believe Liz will bring a valuable business perspective to the conversation if elected to the WDM School Board. She understands the economic impact schools create and how to leverage that to benefit the entire community. In all the time I've known her she has been a proactive business leader involved in several aspects of the WDM Chamber. Liz is a graduate of the WDM Leadership Academy, been a volunteer on committees, and is now a class facilitator for a popular team building exercise. Her work with youth also stands out through her commitment to Rotary International. She has been a champion for Interact, Rotary's youth program for students 12-18 years old that have an interest in community service and global exchange. With a focus on building young leaders, Liz has helped establish two new Interact Clubs in metro Des Moines and is continuing that mission in other local communities including WDM. Her passion and proactive nature will make her contribution to the School Board and WDM long-lasting and I fully support her as a candidate. — Ted Brackett

As Iowa Secretary of State I watched Liz Cox work well with legislators and government officials. I have also had the pleasure of personally working with Liz on the executive committee of the Mid-Iowa Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Liz is hard working, motivated, and willing to listen. As a Valley graduate myself, I would encourage the residents of West Des Moines to vote for Liz Cox for School Board. Matt Schultz Former Iowa Secretary of State Madison County Attorney — Matt Schultz

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